Friday, April 9, 2010

The Garden Project, part 3

We finally got the garden going.  Here's a couple photos:
A friend once said to me, "$4.99 and you're a landscaping genius!"  That's in reference to the amazingly efficient beautification you can get with just a sack of wood chips for your flower beds.  Not only do they look and smell great, but they keep down weeds and help reduce evaporation of your precious irrigation water.  Now here is my new favorite garden-beautifying procedure:  cardboard/wood chip layering.  I got this idea from a book Melissa lent me, and I already forgot the name of the book.  The procedure is simple:  cover up all the weedy area you want to transform with cardboard.  Cover with fresh dirt and plant.  Voila!  Looks amazing!!  We used cardboard and wide roll paper on the artichoke area and covered it with a nice, thick layer of wood chips.  Just put the cardboard around my artichoke plants, so they are sticking up nicely.  Over time, the water & worms break down the paper, and it's all just weed-free dirt.  Added bonus:  the weeds become part of the organic matter.  :)  So far none have managed to get through the solid parts, just a couple around the edges.  In the front yard, we did it with cardboard and 3" of new soil over the top, then sowed wildflower seeds in the soil.  It smelled like manure for a week, but it looks fantastic!  And so easy!  Genius!!

Sowing carrots.  I have no idea why I look so serious.  Probably trying to balance over that fat row without falling on my rear!

I used the wood from the fence we took down to make some boxes.  I intend one for lettuce and the other for sweet peas.  :-)  The best part is that I did them all by myself, and Lyn wasn't even home.  So there!  I'm always thinking I need him around to do stuff, but I don't.

All filled with dirt and ready for seeds.

Two rows of tomatoes:  Celebrity, Early Girl and Cherry Tomatoes.  One row of carrots.  Three to go.

The weeds are down, and we're watering grass seed.  The walk is wood-chipped.  The lettuce  boxes are made, filled and planted.  Now I just have to get the last 3 rows planted and try not to forget to water.  And try not to forget to turn OFF the water!

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