Friday, October 22, 2010

A Lesson in Dependence

Yesterday I broke my iPhone.  You heard me:  smashed it to bits.  No, silly, of course not on purpose.

Today I receive my lessons in dependence.  I am humbly reminded that a) we can all get stranded at any moment and b) losing your phone does not make you actually stranded or helpless.

Alarm:  I started the day to a sweet little beeping alarm.  Not my brand new, birthday gift, Sony Dream Machine, waking me up to rockin' tunes from my iPhone.  And my daughter's Sony Dream Machine ca. 1988 which has woken me up for the intervening 2 decades, faithfully, with the most horrible rrrnt-rrrnt-rrrnt every morning.  I can hear it all the way downstairs.

Time:  Good thing Lyn just got both of my watches fixed.  For 18 hours now, I've been wondering what time it is.  I just went to dig one out.

Grocery List:  I wonder what we need from the store?  Chicken...something...something.  I still have paper.  Better write this stuff down.  Who knows what I'm forgetting?

Time Management:  I won't be calling and emailing Booster volunteers while waiting for my kids to get out of school.  I guess I'll have to take care of that at home.  Wanna find me?  Guess you'll just have to leave me a voicemail.  I'll have to make time to listen to those...

Notes:  going to put that notebook back in my purse.  I usually carry it, but recently thought I didn't need it anymore.

Camera:  I can't even take a photo of the damage to share with my friends on facebook.  *sigh*  Funny thing is, that's the first impulse I had.  To take a picture of it, call my husband and ask him what to do while I was standing in the Apple store.

Phone:  I said I needed a phone to call my husband, and the salesman didn't even know what I was talking about.  I laughed, and repeated, this time more specifically, "Can I borrow your phone?"  Good thing I actually know his number, from the early days.  And I know my mom's.  If you are not one of those people, I am not calling you.  I don't know your number.

Calendar:  I think my daughter has some sort of recital today.  And we have something tonight, but I don't know when, exactly.  And I thought there was something else.  My fragmented, multi-tasked-to-death mind can't remember like it used to.  Good thing I have a...

Maps:  I have to get directions to iCracked.  So I can get my phone fixed. Anyone know where Murray St. is? 

I'll have to remember to wear clothes with better pockets (so my phone doesn't fly out) and learn some important phone numbers.  Like my son's.  And my best friends'.  And the school's.

Worst of all, Apple says it will be $200-$500 to fix or replace it, depending.  Yikes!!  Let's hope iCracked is all it's cracked up to be!!

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  1. Update: iCracked fixed my phone (glass and lcd screen) for only $125. Same repair at Apple would have been $200 for just the screen. Who knows how much the lcd would have been? The phone is working fine, and I'm back to depending on it.