Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gender Bias

I just noticed that whenever my neighbors fight in the street, I always assume it's the guy's fault.  I wonder why that is?  True, he does look like a total douche, what with all his neck tattoos and all, and his ghetto-lookin' friends.  But she's no lovely, either.  I just realized 2 days ago that they have a baby.  Today he was yelling at her about who takes their child more places (or something), and then he left with the baby.  Which made me suddenly realize that I'm totally biased against the man whenever there's a domestic squabble.  I guess it's hard for me to understand a woman not being the one to take the main interest in her child, but there are definitely women out there that aren't cut out to be mothers.  And there are definitely men out there who would do anything, including give their lives, for the welfare and happiness of their children. 

Is my bias socially learned?  Based on 100 movies, books and live scenarios where the man is the abuser?  The unreasonable one?  Or is it simply biological sympathy for another mother?  Now, this particular situation may indeed be a case of he's a jerk and she should leave him.  But maybe not.  This is one bias I'm going to have to unlearn.

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