Monday, March 30, 2009

Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese - the quest for the Holy Grail

Okay, everyone. HB “put away” my recipe box. He also got me a new computer (bless him) but didn’t move my recipe organizer program over. SO, my wonderful crock pot macaroni recipe is LOST!! Ack!!

Why is it so wonderful?


Plus, it does not contain eggs or evaporated milk (though it might have contained flour, I can’t remember). I have found a hundred recipes online, but they all have these weird ingredients.
I’m pretty sure my recipe had, like, uncooked macaroni, milk, butter & cheese. And maybe some cream? NO COOKING first, as that is what a crock pot is for. If I have to take a pot to the stove, I’m just going to cook, kwim? What is the point of cooking something first and then putting it in the crock pot? How is that supposed to save me time? Lol. It might not be as yummy as the other recipes, but I’d never know, because I’d never make them. Lol.

SO: Do you know how to make crock-pot macaroni with UNCOOKED macaroni and NO eggs or canned milk? If you do, you are my HERO and please email me the recipe!! Please!!

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