Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sundrenched Backyards

The sum of your own experience is only for you.

Your memory, your mind is only yours. You can speak, you can try...but there is no way to convey the experience of your own childhood, your own life.

If the neighborhood kids were friends or merely tolerable companions. The feeling, the angle of the sun in your backyard, if you were lucky enough to have one. Who you thought you were.

If it was painful, then it was. But you are you. Aren't you happy with yourself? I personally would not want to live it over again, it was so perfectly wonderful and flawed. What on Earth could I possibly have done differently? I'd love to add some years, maybe do more, live it another time, do it again but not over again.

As time goes by faster and faster, you begin to realize that your childhood is most of your life. Large and expansive: endless afternoons, hot pavement in summer, buzzing insects, grasses bending in the wind.

And it's all for you to keep.

Remember to see it, to feel it, try to picture it. Try to feel it. It is for only you.

Feel the breeze on your face.

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