Saturday, January 23, 2010

O, Broken Umbrella

O, Broken Umbrella
Your are useless

Your mangled ribs
Your crushed stalk
Your wrinkled nylon

Once you were the comfort of dryness
Now rendered useless
You litter my drive
My walk
My life

And yet you will not die
You will not leave
So ragged, your wrenched joints refuse to collape
The button which once unfurled you in the glory of one-touch ease
Now sits useless in your handle
You will not even simply fold
To fit in the trash can

The same child who was the instrument of your ruin
Finds you on the pavement and rescues you
To your former place on the front porch

Alas, useless you sit
Without the will to live
Nor the grace to die

O, Broken Umbrella

Take your shattered canopy away
To the great rainstorm in the sky.

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