Monday, March 29, 2010

The Garden Project

Time to get the garden going again.  We have the blessing of this great bit of dirt, but it's super ugly and needs a lot of work!

This is the leftover garden plot from last year.  There are a few plants that volunteered up from nowhere (I think maybe some sunflowers and a potato?), plus the onions going to seed.  I rescued a sickly pepper plant and a couple parsleys.  Hopefully they will grow in the new herb space. One is a little wilty right now.  We'll see.
I did finally give up and round-up all the weeds in the walkways.  I just didn't want them making stickers & thorns, though a few did in their last dying breaths.

Look how huge this artichoke plant got! There were 2, and we really thought this one would die and the other one do really well, but it turned out differently.  We harvested our first artichokes off this today and will eat them!! Someday I'm really hoping that my dear, dear husband will cut the plastic pot off this prickly tree.  It's been like that over a year - was left behind by the previous tenants.  It doesn't get watered much and it's a miracle it's alive at all, plus it's full of ants.  But they seem to do well here, as there are many very large ones in the neighborhood.  I just don't know how to crack the pot off this, or I'd do it myself.  Anyone?

I do super love this tin rooster that Lyn got me for our 10th anniversary.  Isn't he cool?  We placed the arch when we moved in, and I planted 2 bouganvillas to climb it.  They aren't climbing, but they did live, with amazingly little water.  There's also a little minirose in this bed, from one of those flower-shop pots.

We'll give it a go and see how it turns out! :-)  Since I don't know what I'm doing here, it should be interesting - I've learned a few things from last year, so hopefully it'll go better this year.

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