Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eco-Fashion Favorites - or just Fashion Favorites

Every year I save up to do my shopping at the Whole Earth Festival in Davis, California.  Here I can find beautiful, eco-friendly fashions that are not only practical, unique and stylish, but they fit and make me feel pretty!  Now that the hippies are on the technobandwagon, I am happy to announce that all my favorites are available online.  This is American ingenuity and labor, and much of the materials are American-grown and milled. :-) Isn't that nice for a change??

Might I recommend:

Xylem features pixieish designs in gorgeous foresty colors. Most items seem to be non-GMO soy and organic cotton, but there are some hemp silk options too and maybe others. This brand looks amazing on slender women, but it looks great on me too! Sexy, sophisticated and totally unique. These guys have a smooth operation, but don't let that fool you, they are still handmade in the USA. Xylem is also available on Etsy at  

Waxing Moon Batiks

This fun & funky brand is so cute for everyday, with simple styles that are differently-cut for a great fit. My favorites are the hemp skirts and gauchos/capris with pockets in the front. Don't be afraid of crazy colors - I've found that they look totally awesome with all my little tees, tanks and tops. Also available are superslinky soy tops and dresses, hemp silk things and cute accessories. Plus stuff for your hunky man. Handmade in Washington state. Betsy Cassell ( in the blue scarf) is the designer, and she's just a doll and one of the nicest people I've met! Intertwined Designs is also available on Etsy at

Intertwined Designs

This brand has been around a little longer than the others. In high school, I used to pine for the beautiful, jewel-hued velvet hippie clothes that the original designer, Moni Sumner, used to make and I could never afford on my fast-food wages. Now her daughter (Jessie Reynolds, pictured above) has taken over, and just look what she's done! Amazing creations, all handmade in organic cotton. These are sewn and batiked in Sonoma, California by the artist herself (well, there's a few American Apparel blanks, but they are at least made in the USA). She's got tons of amazing, stylish designs that are very wearable. Don't worry, they even go in the washer & dryer just fine. :-) Waxing Moon Batiks makes gorgeous things for women and children. Pick up a batik velour tank dress for your little girl - every one comes with a tiny, matching purse, and she is guaranteed to love this dress that doubles as a jumper when the weather is cool! Waxing Moon Batiks is also available on Etsy at

Don't know about Etsy? You should really check it out! is the largest online marketplace of handmade goods and supplies to handmake your own goods. This isn't Ebay. These are serious artists that present beautiful thing beautifully. :-) Support art and craft by buying it and surrounding yourself with it; your life will be richer.

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