Thursday, May 13, 2010

Morning Run

Don't laugh.  I ran.  Twice.  lol.  Here's the view from my run.

Do you think the natives are friendly?

The babies sure were cute. :-)

Um.  Moo?

Now there's some contrast.

The architecture in this neighborhood is so cool.  Wait...where am I?  Well, I can't be too far from home, I ran here, right??

More contrast.

Teeny Baptist Church

So I'm running along and I notice finally that these tiny hopscotch squares are numbered.  They are too small for anyone's foot, but they keep going and going.  So I got curious how high they counted.  I turned around and ran back...all the way back to the end of the block!  There were 600 individually numbered chalk squares, in three different colors.

Okay, there's no trail here?  I really kept expecting a trail to materialize.  Okay, so this is probably trespassing...and a really good way to get ticks.

Ahh.  How hot can I get this sucker??

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